Platform for immersive multi-user experiences for performance arts and education.

Yet another immersive platform?

Yes. Many artistic and educational needs are not met by mainstream platforms that are focused on office and conference use cases. Thus, we are developing our own solution that addresses the following needs:


I.P can be run in a cloud of choice or on-premise and be fully decoupled from social networks and other trackers.


I.P is WEB/browser based; thus, it is device agnostic and supports wide range of devices. Old and new.


We are eager to help with branching I.P to accommodate all kinds of artistic expression and sophisticated interactions.

2D/3D compatible and VR ready

Technology stack we use allows I.P to be future proof.

Use cases

En Route is a live space adventure that takes place directly in your web browser. By exploring the ship and interacting with the crew, you and your fellow passengers will determine the fate of the mission -- with several different endings!

Cave cafe

Coming soon...


Founder of Initiated the development of Immersive.Page.

Software development lead at Implemented front- and back-end as well as blockchain functionality of Immersive.Page.


The need of an independent online immersive platform became apparent to Sasha when he was developing science outreach shows and was dealing with the limitations of the available platforms most of which are focused on imitating conference settings and office spaces. At the same time he participated in the 5th Wall Forum where he learned that theater professionals experience very similar problems with the existing solutions for online meetings. That is how the idea of Immersive.Page—platform specifically designed for immersive theatrical and education settings—came to live.

En Route, an immersive show originated at the 5th Wall Forum, became the pilot project for the Immersive.Page platform.

We envision big future for Immersive.Page as a niche platform for artists and educators that will allow them to untether their creativity and fully own their creations (we plan to have our code open source for the creators).

Contact us

Do you have an idea of a show or an experience that can benefit from using Immersive.Page?

Please reach out to us at, we are happy to collaborate!