Programmable worlds for creatives and educators.

Immersive theater and shows

WEB-based experience allows for frictionless experience on any device for very broad audiences. It is perfect for theater and any other live-shows that involve an internet audience with diverse devices.

Use case: En Route (2D)

En Route is a live space adventure that takes place directly in your web browser. By exploring the ship and interacting with the crew, you and your fellow passengers will determine the fate of the mission -- with several different endings!

"A clever experiment in immersive gaming that blends elements of social deduction games, LARPS, and immersive theatre built on top of a custom platform that mixes multiple technical solutions into a fairly seamless package."

-Noah Nelson, No Proscenium

Code your own world

Straightforward block-based coding allows anyone to code and alter the existing worlds.

Educators can make richer and more interactive educational experiences that can even involve coding by students.

Supports 3D & VR

If 2D is not enough, with the same platform can use 3D with VR.

web3 compatible

If necessary we provide tools for direct interaction with blockchain from within the worlds.


The need of an independent online immersive platform became apparent to Sasha when he was developing science outreach shows for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and Nautilus magazine and was dealing with the limitations of the available platforms most of which are focused on imitating conference settings and office spaces. At the same time he was co-producing En Route, an immersive theater show, where he encountered the same limitations of the existing platforms.

That is how the idea of Immersive.Page—platform specifically designed for immersive theatrical and education settings—came to live.

We envision big future for Immersive.Page as a platform for artists and educators that will allow them to untether their creativity and fully own their creations.


Founder of Initiated the development of Immersive.Page.

Software development lead at Implemented front- and back-end as well as blockchain functionality of Immersive.Page.

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